Fracture Attributes for Shale and Tight Sand Plays

Correlate Seismic Attributes with Production Data

Real-Seismic Wavelet Transform

Process-Oriented Reservoir Modeling

Predict Directional Permeability

Turbidite Channel Reservoir Architecture Modeling

Turbidite Channel Reservoir Architecture Modeling

IHS Modeling To Optimize SAGD Production

IHS Modeling To Optimize SAGD Production

Predict Reservoir Properties from Seismic Attributes


Multi-Scale Modeling and Reservoir Characterization


We offer geoscience software products that solve major challenges in reservoir characterization and modeling, allowing you to make better decisions in exploration and production

Geomodeling Studio


Integrated Interpretation and Seismic Attribute Analysis

  • An integrated attribute analysis and quantitative interpretation (QI) workflow toolbox
  • The whole workflow of seismic interpretation & advanced QI in one software environment
  • Links seismic data to production in unconventional plays
  • Rapid, in-depth evaluation of seismic data.
  • Interactive process of seismic attribute generation, visualization, calibration, interpretation, and prediction.


Build Realistic Reservoir Models Based on Geological Processes

  • Utilizes sedimentological rules to produce realistic geologic models
  • Generates high resolution reservoir models with stratigraphic details that honour geology
  • Can incorporate data produced by seismic attribute analysis and small scale bedding modeling


Bridge gaps from core to field models through modeling and upscaling

  • Model small-scale sedimentary bedding and bioturbation structures as observed in core data
  • Upscale from core data scale to field scale to create reservoir models that honour geological processes
  • Run petrophysical simulations constrained by bedding and bioturbation geometry to get vertical and horizontal permeability values

Solutions for Key Reservoirs

Shale and Tight Sand

Tidally Influenced



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