Multi-Scale Modeling And Reservoir Characterization

We offer geoscience software products that solve major challenges in reservoir characterization and modeling, allowing you to make better decisions in exploration and production

Geomodeling Studio


Integrated Interpretation And Seismic Attribute Analysis

  • An integrated attribute analysis and quantitative interpretation (QI) workflow toolbox
  • The whole workflow of seismic interpretation & advanced QI in one software environment
  • Links seismic data to production in unconventional plays
  • Rapid, in-depth evaluation of seismic data.
  • Interactive process of seismic attribute generation, visualization, calibration, interpretation, and prediction.


Build Realistic Reservoir Models Based on Geological Processes

  • Utilizes sedimentological rules to produce realistic geologic models
  • Generates high resolution reservoir models with stratigraphic details that honour geology
  • Can incorporate data produced by seismic attribute analysis and small scale bedding modeling


Bridge gaps from core to field models through modeling and upscaling

  • Model small-scale sedimentary bedding and bioturbation structures as observed in core data
  • Upscale from core data scale to field scale to create reservoir models that honour geological processes
  • Run petrophysical simulations constrained by bedding and bioturbation geometry to get vertical and horizontal permeability values

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Find the latest collection of articlesacademic research and case studies on SBEDAttribute Studio and Reservoir Studio.  

Webinar – Well Log Facies

Join us for our Webinar on the Well Log Facies Classification Workflows for AttributeStudio Thursday, September 4, 2019.

Webinar – Geobody Interpretation Workflow

Join us for our Webinar on the Geobody Interpretation Workflow in AttributeStudio Thursday, November 1, 2018.

From fault likelihood attributes to automatic fault building

Dr. Rongfeng Zhang presented the latest development of attribute at GeoConvention 2018 From fault likelihood attributes to automatic fault building At the GeoConvention in Calgary, Alberta May 2018 Dr. Rongfeng Zhang presented the latest development of attribute. This...

Webinar – Rapid Workflow: Sesmic-Well Tie

AttributeStudio 8.2 WEBINAR Rapid Workflow: Seismic-Well Tie and T-D Conversion The latest patch of AttributeStudio 8.2 provides an interactive and rapid workflow for generating T-D curves from synthetic seismograms and tie points for many wells in a 3-D survey. In...

Webinar – Interval Attribute Analysis Workflows

AttributeStudio WEBINAR Interval Attribute Analysis Workflows in AttributeStudio 8 AttributeStudio provides several workflows of interval attributes analysis, allowing seismic interpreters to delineate reservoir properties more effectively than horizon attributes. In...

Webinar – Facies Classification Using AttributeStudio 8.2

AttributeStudio WEBINAR Facies Classification Using AttributeStudio 8.2 Seismic facies classification is an attribute analysis and interpretation method that can help in identifying different seismic facies and depositional settings or structural features...

Webinar-Effects of Bioturbation on Facies

SBED WEBINAR Effects of Bioturbation on Facies SBED™ technology models the small-scale sedimentary details that impact large scale reservoir performance. Burrowing organisms displace and mix sedimentary grain by burrowing, feeding and relocating. Their activity within...

Dallas Geophysical Society Luncheon

Dr. Renjun Wen has been invited for a luncheon presentation at Dallas Geophysical Society Luncheon. If you would like to attend, you can book your ticket here. Date: Thursday, November 16, 2017 Time: 11:30 am - 1:00 pm Location: Denbury Resources, 5320...

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"SBED has become an important tool in reservoir characterization. We have successfully used SBED to estimate effective permeability, especially kv/kh ratios in highly heterogeneous reservoirs.”


-   Senior Research Specialist, Major Oil Company

“ SBED allowed the modeling team to determine effective properties for intervals of complex sedimentology, which would have been a significantly more time-consuming task with conventional modeling software. These models fed onward to simulation and forecasting and we are confident that by using SBED we have generated static models which capture permeability architecture far better than the current industry standard. Moreover, we were able to do it quickly. ”

-   Principal Geoscientist, Reservoir Consulting Group

“ I bought four licenses of AttributeStudio when I changed four companies during the last three years. AttributeStudio is indispensable to me as a geophysicist. ”


-  Geophysicist, Independent Oil Company

“ I have been looking for a comprehensive 3D interpretation package with enhanced visualization technology that runs on my existing PC workstation and easily integrates with my other software. Using AttributeStudio has streamlined my interpretation process and allowed me to define subtle stratigraphic plays in a fraction of the time it would have taken with conventional 3D interpretation tools. ”


-  Chief Geophysicist, Independent Oil Company

“ What took us three months to do in another package, we did in three weeks with AttributeStudio. ”


-  Director, Geoscience Division, International Consulting Group

“ When you pick in this (AttributeStudio), you’ll never pick in anything else! ”


- Oil and Gas Consultant

"SBED has become an important tool in reservoir characterization. We have successfully used SBED to estimate effective permeability, especially kv/kh ratios in highly heterogeneous reservoirs. ”


- Senior Research Specialist, Major Oil Company

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