10x faster seismic interpretation workflow powered by AI

10x faster seismic interpretation workflow powered by AI

10x faster seismic interpretation workflow powered by AI

Integrated Workflow from Seismic to Geologic Models

Strata-grid framework for stratigraphic visualization and quantitative analysis


Multi-Scale Modeling And Reservoir Characterization

We offer geoscience software products that solve major challenges in reservoir characterization and modeling, allowing you to make better decisions in exploration and production

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Geomodeling Products

Next generation of seismic interpretation system powered by
Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms

  • Interactive training of machine learning algorithms
  • Training is done on quality, accurate, complete, and relevant data instead of synthetic training data
  • Seamless integration with the conventional interpretation workflow by converting existing fault and horizon interpretation to training labels
  • Extremely easy to use, using point and click menus designed by seismic interpreters for seismic interpreters, there is no requirement for machine learning knowledge or Python coding
  • Quantum leap in productivity and interpretation accuracy using face-recognition-like artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms which allows interpreters to do the following in less than 10% the time required with traditional seismic software:
    • Pick faults
    • Seismic sequence and horizon interpretation
    • Channel detection
    • Geobody and volcano detection
    • Seismic facies classification

Integrated Geological Interpretations of Well Data and Seismic Attributes

  • Integration of well data into seismic interpretation processes
  • Seamless system for both basic interpretation and advanced analysis workflows
  • Complete machine learning solution using well data and seismic attributes
  • Unique solutions to map sweet spots for optimal well placements in unconventional plays
  • Advanced visualization and interactive attribute analysis and quantitative interpretation

Build Realistic Reservoir
Models based on Geological Interpretation

  • Utilizes sedimentological rules to produce realistic geological models
  • Generate high resolution reservoir models with stratigraphic details that honour geology
  • Incorporates data produced by seismic attribute analysis and small-scale bedding modeling

A Disruptive Solution To Bridge Gaps From Core To Field Models

  • Model small-scale sedimentary bedding, fractures, and bioturbation structure as seen in core data
  • Flow-based upscaling from core data scale to field scale 
  • Conditioned to core interpretation, grain size and measurements, and well logs
  • Accurate petrophysics at the right scales to reduce risks in reserve estimate and production planning

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