AVAZ Vector Visualization for Unconventional Plays

July 9, 2012

CALGARY, Alberta–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Geomodeling Technology Corp., a leading provider of seismic analysis and cross-scale modeling software for the upstream oil and gas industry, today announced release of AttributeStudio™ 7.3, its state-of-the-art seismic attribute interpretation software. AttributeStudio 7.3 includes breakthrough features for fractured reservoir characterization using visualization and analysis of AVAZ, VVAZ, Volume Curvature, and other directional attributes.  The new features in AttributeStudio 7.3 provide advanced unconventional and quantitative seismic interpretation workflows for geoscientists on Microsoft Windows platforms.

Using AttributeStudio’s new Vector Plot module, anisotropic gradients and velocity differences captured by directional seismic attributes such as AVAZ, VVAZ, and Volume Curvature can be correlated to fracture density and orientation in unconventional reservoirs.  The powerful vector visualization capabilities in AttributeStudio 7.3 for directional attributes highlight fracture patterns otherwise hidden in conventional seismic image displays.  With AttributeStudio 7.3, users can upscale formation image logs and fracture data to correlate directly with directional attributes, cross-plot upscaled log fracture density vs. AVAZ and VVAZ data, correlate and cross-plot Microseismic data with AVAZ and VVAZ data, and correlate volume curvature data other fracture-predicting seismic attributes with AVAZ and VVAZ data using Stratagrids, Color-Blending, and the Seismic Volume Calculator.

“The use of AVAZ, VVAZ and other directional attributes is rapidly expanding as our customers analyze fracture patterns in unconventional  plays and we are committed to providing our users with tools that keep them at the forefront of quantitative seismic interpretation,” said Mark Klingbeil, Chief Executive Officer of Geomodeling Technology.  “We are committed to continuously improving our products to keep pace with the demands of an industry that is constantly evolving.”

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