Fault Attribute

Fracture Attributes for Shale and Tight Sand Plays

Correlate Seismic Attributes with Production in Shale and Tight Sand Plays

Mapping “Sweet Spots” for Shale and Tight Sand Plays

Mapping Thin-Beds from Amplitude Tuning Attributes

Real-Wavelet Transform

Multi-Attribute Interpretation

Predict Reservoir Properties from Seismic Attributes

Move Beyond Conventional Seismic Interpretation


Multi-Attribute Analysis and Quantitative Interpretation Software for Reservoir Characterization


AttributeStudio™ is an integrated environment for quantitative interpretation, seismic attribute generation, visualization, calibration, correlation. This geomodeling software integrates advanced attribute analysis and QI workflows, with productivity tools for basic conventional interpretations. Thus, enabling geoscientists to quickly derive reservoir properties from seismic attributes and move beyond conventional workflows.

AttributeStudio™ contains the entire workflow for advanced quantitative interpretation and seismic interpretation modeling at your fingertips.

Challenges and Solutions 

Shale and Tight-Sand


Determine the highest value targets in shale and tight-sand plays.


Innovative workflow to correlate seismic attributes with production in horizontal wells and perform prediction using advanced data analytics.

Different Scales


Overcoming the different scales of well log and seismic data to produce a more accurate prediction.


Upscaling and prediction workflows that utilize reservoir properties derived from seismic attributes.



Utilize seismic data to estimate petrophysical properties between wells.


Upscaling and prediction of well logs from seismic attributes.

Thin Bed Reservoirs


Utilize seismic data to image thin bed reservoirs that are below the resolution of standard techniques.


Spectral decomposition and correlation analysis from tuning cubes.

Small-Scale Faults


Detection of small-scale faults and natural fracture zones from seismic data.


Structure attributes and 3D image analysis and filtering.

Seismic Attributes


Generate high quality seismic attributes from band limited and noisy data.


Data-conditioning and image filtering to enhance seismic attributes.

Seismic Data Volumes


Reduce the time to perform attribute analysis on very large seismic data volumes.


Interactive attribute generation, analysis, and visualization in stratagrid.

Reservoir Volume


Extract and visualize 3D reservoir volume based upon seismic attributes.


Geobody detection and mapping workflow.

Interpreter Productivity


Improve interpreter productivity through more accurate automated horizon detection.


Intelligent 3D waveform horizon tracking.

Better Results, Faster

The most innovative system on the market, AttributeStudio, offers an integrated interpretation and analysis platform.

Some Features in Attribute Studio

Waveform Auto Picker


Volume-based Attributes

Horizon Attributes

Interval Attributes

Spectral Decomposition


Volume Curvature

Structure-Oriented Filtering

Seismic Facies Classification

Color blending and co-rendering

Geobody Tracking and Paintbrush

Principal Component Analysis

Interactive Cross-Plotting

04Production Data & Seismic Attribute Correlation

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