Petrophysical characterization of a heterolithic tidal reservoir interval using a process-based modelling tool

Heterolithic lithofacies in the Jurassic Tilje Formation, offshore mid-Norway, consist of three components - sand, silt and mud intercalated at the centimetre scale - and are generally difficult to characterize petrophysically with core and wireline data.  A...

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Vertical Seismic Facies Detection Through Unsupervised 3D Voxel Based Seismic Facies Classification Applied to a Turbidite Field in Campos Basin, Brazil

Nowadays, automatic seismic facies analysis techniques have been growing as an important interpretation tool for the oil exploration industry. Depending on the reservoir knowledge, the seismic facies analysis could be supervised by a priori geological information, or...

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Permeability Rescaling And Near-Wellbore Modeling Of Heterogeneities In Lower Jurassic Tidal-Influenced Tilje Formation, Heidrun Field

The Lower Jurassic Tilje Formation constitutes an important reservoir in the Heidrun Field. Reservoir characterization of its strongly tide-influenced deposits is challenging due to the high degree of heterogeneity. This is especially true for the estimation of...

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