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Geomodeling Technology Corp

Geomodeling provides advanced software and expert services in multi-scale reservoir modeling, upscaling and quantitative seismic attribute analysis beyond conventional workflows. We offer software products to solve major challenges in seismic reservoir characterization and heterogeneity modeling.

Who We Are

Geomodeling Technology Corp. is a leading innovator of seismic attribute analysis and multi-scale reservoir modeling software and services for the upstream exploration and production industry. We enable petroleum companies to maximize revenue and reduce costs with software solutions and project-based services for improved reservoir characterization and recovery. We are a privately-held global company with headquarters in Calgary, offices in Beijing and Houston, and customers around the world. Geomodeling is certified by The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA)

Our Goals

Our mission is to provide breakthrough technology that improves exploration and production workflows. We focus on developing unique, cross-scale, cross-disciplinary, cross-platform software to solve difficult problems in reservoir characterization. Our goal is for our software products to identify and characterize subtle, subsurface details beyond the capabilities of conventional technologies.

What We Offer

Our workflow-driven applications enable geologists, geophysicists and reservoir engineers to quickly define the best reservoir targets and achieve maximum reservoir performance with reduced risk and uncertainty. Geomodeling offers integrated, multi-scale, shared earth modeling solutions by combining stratigraphic visualization and multi-attribute correlation with the latest reservoir modeling techniques. We also provide a broad range of services based on application of our software products and geoscience expertise. From on-site training and consulting through turn-key projects, we help oil and gas companies worldwide achieve their exploration and production goals.

Our state-of-the-art software applications have been developed in partnership with some of the world’s largest and most advanced oil companies. With a customer base ranging from small independents to multi-national majors, we work closely with our users to develop the features they need for the most accurate reservoir characterization.

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Geomodeling offers personal, direct support services. Need training? We can help, Need a custom solution? We can help with that too. Contact us and we will help you in which ever way we can.

Geomodeling’s software is used by leading E&P companies worldwide