Geomodeling AttributeStudio™ 7.4 Release
Author: Geomodeling

Real Seismic Wavelet Transform: A Breakthrough in Spectral Decomposition for Reservoir Characterization

Geomodeling Technology Corp. has released AttributeStudio™ 7.4. This release includes a new Spectral Decomposition Algorithm, Real Seismic Wavelet Transform (RSWT). RSWT uses the extracted seismic wavelet rather than the mathematic wavelet used in Continuous Wavelet Transform (CWT). The extracted wavelet is numerically squeezed and stretched and then convolved with seismic trace. The result shows much less ringing or side lobe effect than the result from CWT but has the same high resolution characteristics as CWT. The new RSWT method has shown improved definition in areas of channel and valley fill.

The following new features and enhancements are also included in AttributeStudio 7.4:

Import and Export Polygons – AttributeStudio now includes the capability of importing and exporting polygons.

Creating or Updating TD Curves Using Well Tops and Horizons – TD Curves can be created or updated by matching specified well tops to horizons. This is especially useful for horizontal wells in unconventional plays.

Minimum Curvature Interpolation for Well Paths – AttributeStudio now supports displaying of well paths using a minimum curvature interpolation algorithm as well as linear interpolation.

The new features and improvements in AttributeStudio 7.4 enhances its advanced, yet easy-to-use, quantitative seismic interpretation for reservoir characterization in both conventional and unconventional plays on Microsoft Windows.


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