Geomodeling Releases AttributeStudio™ 7.5
Author: Geomodeling

Correlation and Prediction of Production Data with Seismic Attributes in Unconventional Plays 

Geomodeling Technology Corp. is pleased to announce the release of AttributeStudio™ 7.5, which boasts a streamlined workflow that allows users to easily identify seismic attributes that are related to production potential. “The production-seismic attribute correlation and prediction module, together with improvements in the cross-plot classification function allow our users to quickly characterize the spatial variations of reservoir properties in both conventional and unconventional plays,” says Renjun Wen, Founder and CEO of Geomodeling Technology Corp.

“We are committed to providing our users with tools that keep them at the forefront of quantitative seismic interpretation, for both conventional and unconventional plays” Other major improvements in AttributeStudio 7.5 are cross-plot functions, such as estimating 2-D histogram density, drawing ellipses and rectangles. The new features and improvements enhance its advanced, yet easy-to-use, quantitative seismic interpretation for reservoir characterization in both conventional and unconventional plays on Microsoft Windows platforms. A neural-network prediction function is also provided to forecast production potential before drilling in horizontal wells.

Seismic geophysicists will be able to verify if the variability of production rates observed in horizontal wells are reflected on seismic attributes extracted in near wellbore volumes. Non-linear relationship between production volumes and seismic attributes can be trained using data in the production area, and later applied to map sweet spots and optimize well locations, or estimate production potential before drilling.

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