10. Seismic Attribute Calculation and Interpretive Processing

Attribute calculation and image enhancement
User can calculate post-stack seismic attributes for 3-D volume or 2-D seismic section data. The attributes include:
  • Instantaneous attributes (inst. amplitude, inst. phase, inst. Frequency, average polarity, response phase, response frequency, average weighted frequency, cosine of inst. Frequency, inst. Q. inst. acceleration, thin bed indicator, dominant frequency, inst. band width, sweetness)
  • Dip and azimuth volumes
  • Lambertian reflectance
  • Volume curvatures (most positive curvature, most negative curvature, maximum curvature, minimum curvature, Gaussian curvature, mean curvature, curvedness, contour curvature, dip curvature, strike curvature, shape index)
  • Fault likelihood volume
  • Trace similarity attributes (semblance, eigen-coherence, waveform correlation)
  • Relative acoustic impedance
  • Spectral attributes (maximum amplitude, maximum and minimum frequency, spectrum at max and min frequency, mean frequency, spectrum at mean frequency, RMS frequency, spectrum at RMS frequency, bandwidth geometry mean, bandwidth mean spectrum, bandwidth std spectrum)
  • Thinning of fault and fracture attributes
Spectral decomposition
There are six spectral decomposition algorithms provided
  • Short-time Fourier transform (STFT)
  • Continuous wavelet transform (CWT)
  • Time-frequency continuous wavelet transform (TFCWT)
  • S-Transform
  • Continuous wavelet packet transform (CWPT)
  • Real seismic wavelet transform (RSWT)
AVO attributes
There are six spectral decomposition algorithms provided
  • Calculate AVO gradient and intercept attributes from partial stacked seismic volumes
  • Cross plot AVO attributes to define AVO class volumes
Interpretive processing
User can make interpretive processing to the seismic volume either before or after attribute calculation. The processing is made in an interactive manner. The following algorithms are included:
  • Colored inversion
  • Spectral blueing
  • Band-pass filtering
  • 3-D image filtering (mean, median, maximum, minimum, Sobel, PCA filtering, Gaussian filter, edge-preserving filters)
  • Phase rotation
  • Texture filtering