5. Formation Property Modeling & Prediction

Build 2-D Horizon and 3-D Stratigraphic Grids
Build 2-D grid using geostatistical or deterministic interpolation algorithm.
Upscale Well Logs
Well log curves are “scaled-up” to cell values along well paths in the stratigraphic grid derived in step 3. The well log upscaling method includes “volumetric averaging” for porosity, “volume voting” for facies log, and “harmonic averaging” for permeability. Upscaled well data are called “well conditioning data”.
Geostatistical Data Analysis
User can analyze conditioning data by the following tools
  • Histogram distribution,
  • Correlation table and
  • Cross plots between upscaled well data and seismic attributes
  • Calculate semi-variograms and fit to variogram models
Kriging and Conditional Simulation
Multiple realizations of facies grids will be generated through the “indicator simulation” algorithm to assign facies code to each cell in the grid. Well conditioning data.