6. Lamina-to-Facies Scale Modeling and Upscaling

Sedimentary bedding structure modeling
More than 100 bedding templates in both clastic and carbonate environments. Users can edit and customize templates for each reservoir.
Bioturbation modeling
Flexible to model all types of bioturbation structures and geometry, each with different petrophysical properties.
Fracture modeling
Simulate fracture populations inside a bedding structure model, assigning porosity and permeability for each set of fractures.
Data Analysis
Estimate trend, distributions, correlation and variogram models for core plug and well data.
Property Modeling
Simulate multiple realizations of porosity and permeability based on lamina-scale statistics.
Synthetic Core Plug and Upscaling
Take synthetic core plugs and generate porosity and permeability of synthetic core plug data after upscaling, compare with real core plug data at the same locations.
Single Phase Upscaling
Flexible to define upscaling intervals or upscaling to cells in a static reservoir model along the well bore.
Multi-phase Upscaling
Generate up to 9 curves of upscaled relative permeability in each direction, with different boundary conditions and driving mechanism.