7. Basic Seismic Interpretation Workflow

Synthetic seismogram and well tie
  • Generate synthetic seismogram from one or multiple wells on well group or in a seismic section
  • T-D curves can be calculated from pairs of well tops and seismic horizons
  • User can define tie points manually or through well-top and horizon pairs
  • User can drag well objects with or without synthetic seismogram to do well tie
Horizon interpretation
  • Manual picking and editing on inline, cross line and random line
  • Automatically update on base map and 3-D window
Fault interpretation
  • Digitize fault sticks on inline and cross line
  • Automatically update fault sticks on base map and 3-D window
  • Project fault sticks on any section
Horizon mapping
Surface grid can be interpolated from seismic horizon interpretation and fault polygons.
Velocity modeling
A velocity strata-grid can be made from key horizons and T-D curves. Interval and average velocity volumes can be made from velocity grid. Honor multiple tops of the same formation on the same horizontal wells.
Time-Depth Conversion
Time to depth conversation can be made for horizon and strata-grid, based on the active velocity volume.