8. AI for Seismic Interpretation

Interactive Labeling & Training
  • Digitize and edit training labels for faults, channels, and geobodies such as salt domes and volcanos on sections, slices, or stratal slices. Convert existing horizon and fault interpretations to training labels.
  • Train the AI model on existing label sections and evaluate training results immediately
  • Predict on non-trained sections or slices, convert predict results to training labels and augment training until satisfied results are achieved
Fault Probability Volume
  • Generate fault probability volume from pre-trained or interactively trained AI model
  • Track fault surfaces from fault probability volume
  • Convert tracked fault objects to fault sticks
Relative Geologic Time Volume
  • Generate RGT volume from pre-trained AI model
  • Generate horizon surfaces from a RGT volume
Seismic Sequence
  • Generate seismic sequence volume from interactively trained AI model
  • Generate horizon surfaces from a seismic sequence volume
Geobodies and Salt Dome
  • Generate channel and geobody probability volumes from interactively trained AI model
InterpretationAI servers
  • Support multiple GPU servers for training & prediction
  • Shared InterpretationAI servers