Estimate Kv/Kh in heterolithic reservoir from near wellbore heterogeneity model

Small scale heterogeneity, big impacts to your business decision

Multi-phase upscaling from core to flow grid

Grain size modeling

Modeling reservoir heterogeneity that matters to reservoir production & reserve estimation


What is SBED

SBED is a revolutionary software solution to bridge gaps between core data and reservoir models. Unlike the traditional method which does not consider heterogeneity at the lamina and bedding scales and over-estimate or under-estimating reservoir properties, SBED provides a rigorous workflow solution to model geologic heterogeneities at lamina and bedding scales, then upscale core data to the full-field reservoir scale, leading to more accurate estimation of recoverable reserves and better decisions in production planning.   

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Why use SBED

1) The only solution to estimate accurate directional permeability at the full-field reservoir model from core and well log data.

2) History matched reservoir models that have predictive power for the future production performance because the permeabilities in the dynamic simulation are geologically upscaled.

3) Enabled by AI automation, easy-to-use, fully integrated with the existing workflows of core interpretation and reservoir modeling.



Dune Modeling

Key Features

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