Model Directional Permeability

Small-Scale Heterogeneity, Big Impacts to Production

Multi-Phase Upscaling

SBED™- Directional Permeability Modeling


Bridge the Gaps Between Core
Data and Field Scale Model


SBED™ directional permeability technology models the small-scale sedimentary details that impact large scale reservoir performance. Unlike conventional reservoir-scale modeling software, SBED utilizes geological processes from upscale core plug measurements to full field models. SBED models address reservoir heterogeneity observed at both core and outcrop scale.

Challenges and Solutions

Permeability Ratio


Determine the vertical to horizontal permeability ratio (Kv/Kh) in heterolithic reservoirs.


Perform high-resolution facies modelling, then flow-based upscaling to estimate facies dependent Kv/Kh.

Spatial Variation


Predict the spatial variation of the vertical to horizontal permeability ratio (Kv/Kh) throughout the reservoir.


An innovative workflow of near-wellbore modeling and upscaling to bridge the gaps between core data, well logs, and static reservoir models.

Permeability Curves


Determine realistic relative permeability curves to improve the accuracy of production history matches and reserve estimates.


Multi-phase upscaling workflow for each facies in the production simulation grid.

More Accurate Input for Reservoir Modeling

The most innovative system available on the market, SBED™ technology is an integrated system that models the small-scale sedimentary details that impact large scale reservoir performance

05Biogenetic structure modeling

06Core plug data conditioning

12Near-wellbore modeling

14Single phase upscaling

10Multiphase upscaling

04Templates for sedimentary bedding structures

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