Fracture Attributes for Shale and Tight Sand Plays

Correlate Seismic Attributes with Production Data

Real-Seismic Wavelet Transform

Process-Oriented Reservoir Modeling

Predict Directional Permeability

Turbidite Channel Reservoir Architecture Modeling

Turbidite Channel Reservoir Architecture Modeling

IHS Modeling To Optimize SAGD Production

IHS Modeling To Optimize SAGD Production

Predict Reservoir Properties from Seismic Attributes

A Focus on Today’s



Geomodeling software is designed for use on key reservoirs that are being developed today. The suite of advanced tools and workflows results in increased understanding of the reservoir and adds value through facilitating informed decisions. The benefit of utilizing our technologies have been proven by operators worldwide. Below are some applications on key plays being worked today.


Shale and Tight Sand Reservoirs

Drill more productive wells by utilizing Attribute Studio‘s correlation of production data to seismic attributes workflow to identify optimal well locations (Sweet Spots) in the reservoir .

Perform better Hydraulic Fracture stimulations through use of Attribute Studio‘s seismic conditioned hydraulic fracture modelling and microseismic data interpretation.

Improve hydraulic fracture treatment placement and performance through Attribute Studio‘s integrated interpretation of Amplitude vs. Azimuth (AVAZ) and Velocity vs Azimuth (VVAZ) data.

Turbidite Reservoirs

Utilize small scale modelling in SBED to understand the small-scale bedding geometries in Deep sea turbiditie reservoirs. In one project, this process resulted in the adding of 16 million barrels to the reserve estimate.

Extract more value out of your seismic data and increase reserves through the use of Attribute Studio‘s spectral decomposition to image thin channels that are below typical seismic resolution.

Create a petrophysically consistent model that addresses important small and large scale reservoir characteristics with SBED. This is achieved through a process oriented workflow that utilizes very small to large scale data.

Fluvial Reservoirs

Accurately capture subsurface heterogeneity with Reservoir Studio, thereby improving investment returns through better identification of high value areas.

Select better drilling locations through modelling channels, point bars and lobes with the extensive library of customizable model templates available in Reservoir Studio .

Optimize reservoir pay identification through the use of Attribute Studio for neural network based facies classification combined with volume visualization.

Tidally Influenced Reservoirs

Improve recovery rates and decrease steam to oil ratio through improved well placement by utilizing Attribute Studio for mapping areas of optimal pay and barriers to steam propagation.

Make better development decisions by using SBED to accurately model directional permeability of oilsands reservoir, resulting in better reservoir simulations and improved development decisions

Improve reserve estimates and SAGD recovery through using Reservoir Studio for the creation of models that accurately address inclined Heterolithic Strata (IHS) zones.

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Multi-Attribute Interpretation

Model Vertical and Horizontal Permeability for Heterolithic Reservoirs

Meandering Channels

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