System Requirements

The table below lists system requirements and recommendations for GeomodelingStudio software. Note that a recommendation is not a guarantee of successful performance for very large data sets.

Item Description
Supported Operating Systems Window Vista 64 bit, Window 7 64 bit, Window 8 64 bit, Window 10 64 bit Red Hat Linux 64 bits RHEL 6+
Item Description
• The following are general recommendations for hardware configurations. These recommendations are not a guarantee of successful performance for large data sets. Supported project data is only limited by disk size, not memory size
• Geomodeling Studio products will run on almost any PC but will perform better on faster processors with more RAM and higher-end graphics cards.
CPU Recommended Intel® CoreTM or XeonTM 2 AMD Phenom IITM
Graphics Card Minimum Recommended 512mb VRAM
Recommended NVIDIA GeForceTM or QQTMTM 3 with 1 GB VRAM (or more)
AttributeStudio will also run on graphics cards from other vendors, but we recommend NVIDIA cards.
Memory Minimum Recommended 8 GB RAM
Recommended 32 GB RAM or more Large data sets may require up to 64GB of RAM

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